Central Electronic System of Payment information (CESOP)

From 01.01.2024, all EU Payment Service Providers will be required to record and report transactional data of cross-border payments. This includes banks, electronic money institutions and other regulated payment institutions. Further information on EU legislationtechnical specificationsguidelines and FAQ can be found on a dedicated Webpage of the EU Commission.

N.B. EU Commission provides a free download of its validation module for payment data messages (PDM) which can be useful during PSPs' development phase. For PSPs transmitting PDMs on a regular basis from 01.01.2024, AED strongly recommends to use this validation module before transmitting the PDMs.

National CESOP legislation can be found under the following link.

Detailed information on PSP identification and file transmission via MyGuichet.lu can be found under the following link.

In case information about CESOP can not be found on the dedicated EU Webpage, a dedicated national email address has been created to answer your questions about the CESOP subjet: aed.cesop@en.etat.lu. 

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